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Best Medical Equipments

Traansmed International Service offers best in class equipment that are already equipped in the ambulance for the support of patients.


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Traansmed International Service has been the leader in the air ambulance service industry for more than 10 years.


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The industry leader in ambulance transportation. We provide best domestic and International ambulance service.


Global Reach

We have been leader in ambulance service industry for almost 10 years & have expanded our business to major city

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Ambulance Services is no. 1 Air Ambulance company in the Indian sub-continent and one of the fastest growing brand in the world. It is an indian company serving on both emergency and non-emergency basis operating its services for national and international flights as well. It mainly operate on emergency call in all air, train & ground ambulance cases. We have a deeper level of expertise in transferring patients across states and nations.



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Traansmed International Air Ambulance Services

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We provide the best air ambulance services 24x7.

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Traansmed International Air Ambulance Services has a 24/7 dispatch centre with a team of professional and trained flight coordinators. Our knowledgeable flight coordinators will walk you through the options and recommend you the appropriate services for your loved ones. We can provide you a domestic or international Air Ambulance services, Medical Escort services or Commercial stretcher services.


Once a medical flight or medical escort is confirmed a flight coordinator will be responsible to inform all parties involved of the details of the flight. The medical report will be sent to our medical department for review, The flight routing shall be determined by a chief pilot and submitted to the FAA. Both ground ambulance in origin and destination shall be booked in order to provide a complete bed to bed experience.


While the family and patient will be in the hands of our Critical Care med flight nurses and paramedics The flight coordinators will make sure that all parties involved are aware of the patient condition, flights departure and arrival times. With over 50 Aircrafts at our disposal, you will enjoy an air ambulance worldwide service inside a luxurious aircraft that is set up as a critical care unit.

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Why choose Traansmed International Air Ambulance Services?

Our Emergency Air Ambulances in Delhi & New Delhi are operational 24x7 and 365 days a year, available for booking as per your convenience. We work round the clock and deliver our best each time – with us around, you will always be in trusted hands. All of our air ambulances are fitting with futuristic and dynamic equipment, carefully curated to never fail the requirement of the patient in need.
Our geographical reach is vast and impressive, we will reach you in remote locations and efficiently take you to the foremost health care facilities in the most metropolitan areas such as from Delhi to Mumbai, to Bangalore, to Kolkata, to Varanasi, to Allhabad, to Bagdogra, to Bhopal and other major locations. Our air ambulance charges in Delhi are prices reasonably.
An extension of our trusted Air Ambulance Service, is our service of Air Ambulances via Commercial Airlines. What is beneficial here is that not only is there room for a state of the art service, there is also a redundancy in terms of budgetary problems. Flying will never be problem, as our dedicated team of professionals (ICU trained doctor and an attendant) and adequate equipment (ICU equipment, stretcher and ventilator equipment) will be at your service, looking after you and ensuring optimal health and safety.


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Our services are of global standards and are managed by highly experienced and qualified medical persons and nursing staff.

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7 Star Care & Protection

Why Choose Us?

Our team has a deeper expertise in their respective fields. They are trained avaiators which are considered to be the basic theme behind every Air Ambulance project.


Our critical care experts discuss the case with family members and the patient's primary doctor(s) for an in-depth understanding of the medical situation.


Our doctor stabilises the patient and works hand in hand with the consulting (referring) hospital for an end-to-end transfer.


The patient is transferred via a seamless process using our helicopter or fixed-wing ambulance to the concerned destination hospital.


We send our critical care expert as soon as possible to take over the responsibility of the patient.

Traansmed International Air Ambulance Services

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Our widest range of the dependable ambulance services is available round the clock. You can avail our 24x7 services and support.

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